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Music Bio

BIordanis is the artistic name of Iordanis Boutsioulis. However, my profession, education, and expertise (although very creative) are not that of a typical artist. Let’s start from the beginning. I did 5 years piano lessons (when I was in primary and secondary school). From the first year of lessons, I started playing my favorite music songs by ear. Being lucky and having a piano at home, I started playing, experimenting and creating my own music compositions and improvisations. In the late years of secondary school, I bought my first synthesizer and that was the first time I started composing music tracks. That was just my hobby since the main focus was on school and the rest similar activities.

When I was a student in College, I joined, as a member, the music group of Stylianos (a new singer and artist of that time) playing keyboards. As a group, we did almost 30 live concerts and one video clip. When I graduated from College, I focused on my profession and I continued to play and compose music for my pleasure.

After many years of work, I finally created a home studio that gave me the ability not only to play and compose music but to produce also my records and tracks. That was a very happy period; I could express my feelings through my music being simultaneously able to produce whatever I wanted. However, I liked also my work and gradually I was focusing more on it, so once more the music continued as a parallel hobby. I did postgraduate studies (relevant to my work) and after 2 years my family (my wife, my son, and I) relocated to London, UK, staying there for almost 3 years.

In London, I have concentrated again on work, but I have never stopped playing. After this (3 years) period had passed, we returned back to our country, Greece. At that time, I decided to do both things (profession and music) since this pattern is repeating itself all my life! That is why I created two websites, one for my profession ( and one for my music ( I hope people will like both!

Now that I am writing these words (the year is 2017), I have, once more, relocated with my family to England, London, UK. I will continue composing music here, and I will post my music compositions and improvisations on this website (whenever I have time) so that everyone can enjoy them!

Last but not least, please share with me your thoughts and feelings about my music!

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Professional Bio

An innovative Business Developer, Marketing Strategist & Consultant, I have created “ibbds iordanis boutsioulis business development solutions,” with a mission to offer effective business development solutions to Start-Ups and SME’s.

Additionally, I have consulted and managed all aspects of business development for the leading company in Loft Conversions in London, A1 Project Management Services Ltd.

Furthermore, I have created and developed two highly successful and profitable advertising/consulting companies from the ground-up, planned and successfully delivered over 950 projects for clients in diverse industries, and cultivated loyal customer and referral bases with organizations operating throughout the country and the world.

Conducting in-depth assessments of new markets, client needs, and short- and long-term objectives, I am an expert at determining the optimal approach to maximize competitive positioning and overall profitability while establishing a robust brand identity and widespread awareness to ensure future success.

Skilled in managing all aspects of business development from online/digital and offline marketing, social media and advertising, to client acquisition, retention and expansion, account and project management, production and P&L, I bridge communication gaps to unite people on all levels on a common mission and goals, while assuring objectives are not only met, they are surpassed.

I hold a degree of Master of Business Administration with Distinction from Deree College, The American College of Greece, Graduate School, June 2010, with concentration in Marketing, and also a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, from Deree College, The American College of Greece, June 1998, with major in Marketing.

I am also a Social Marketing Certified Professional (Social Marketing Certification by Hootsuite Academy, April 2018).

In my free time, I love to play, improvise, compose and produce music (piano, keyboards, instrumental). My artistic name is BIordanis. Visit my music website if you like to listen to my music and see my videos.

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