Images by BIordanis, Music Composition Video, Part Track 7 out of 18


Images by BIordanis
Part – Track 7 (Out of 18)
(From the Film – Movie & Album – Soundtrack)
Virtual Reality

Images by BIordanis


Virtual Reality by BIordanis, Music Compositions & Improvisations, (4th Record) – Double Album – Soundtrack & Film – Movie (Virtual Reality)


Music Composition, Instruments, Orchestration & Production: BIordanis (Iordanis Boutsioulis)

Photo & Creative of Record Cover: BIordanis (Iordanis Boutsioulis)

Film – Movie (Virtual Reality), Written, Directed, Produced, & Edited: BIordanis (Iordanis Boutsioulis)

Music & Lyrics: BIordanis (Iordanis Boutsioulis)

Assistant Director: Vasileios Boutsioulis

Date of Release: May, 2020

London, UK

(To Be Continued)

You can find the Album – Soundtrack & Film – Movie (Virtual Reality by BIordanis) here:

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