Virtual Reality by BIordanis, Music Composition Video, Part Track 1 out of 18, May 2020

Virtual Reality by BIordanis

Hello to all,

I am delighted to announce today, the release of my new Double Album – Soundtrack, Virtual Reality, and the 1st video out of my 18 parts Film – Movie (Virtual Reality) based on the music and the use of real-time computer graphics engines or games to create a cinematic production (Machinima).

Every week a new video will be released, up to the end (18th video), in order to complete the whole movie.

You can find it, listen to it, see it, and enjoy it here:

If you like it, by all means, please share it with others, or leave any feedback/comment you may have about it!

I genuinely believe that you will have a splendid time listening to it and seeing it!

Thank you.

Best Regards

BIordanis (Iordanis Boutsioulis)

Virtual Reality by BIordanis
Part – Track 1 (Out of 18)
(From the Film – Movie & Album – Soundtrack)
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality by BIordanis, Music Compositions & Improvisations, (4th Record) – Double Album – Soundtrack & Film – Movie (Virtual Reality)

Music Composition, Instruments, Orchestration & Production: BIordanis (Iordanis Boutsioulis)

Photo & Creative of Record Cover: BIordanis (Iordanis Boutsioulis)

Film – Movie (Virtual Reality), Written, Directed, Produced, & Edited: BIordanis (Iordanis Boutsioulis)

Music & Lyrics: BIordanis (Iordanis Boutsioulis)

Assistant Director: Vasileios Boutsioulis

Date of Release: May, 2020

London, UK

(To Be Continued)

© Copyright by BIordanis All Rights Reserved

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